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  • Catherine Anderson
    30 Dec 2020

    Works great. Perfect fit for the cup holder. Love the no wires issue normally associated with car chargers!

  • Justin Holland
    30 Dec 2020

    It’s pretty good. I like the fact that it is very sterydy when inserting my Pixel 3 XL. The inside has a moving clip that sort of feels like it locks in place when all the way down. It also fits a thin MOFI case I have on my phone. Just consider that it is that it’s a bit tall in the cup holder. The placement of the power cable is conveniently located on the top. Absolutelyseems like a good product.

  • Donald Murphy
    28 Jul 2020

    Good product! It charges with a case which is a PLUS. I have a Spygen Case on my Galaxy S9 and works perfectly. Really Thumbs Up. Keep developing good things… 👌👍

  • Nancy Rice
    27 Jul 2020

    This is a really nice wireless charger, that solves the problem of a vent or flat chargers that often are unsteady in a moving car, and can drop the phone when driving. The installation is simple, just plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, and place the device into a cup holder (an extension is supplied for cup holders like the one in my Volt). Then just place the phone in the slot on top. No fuss, and works like a charm. Plugging my phone in each time I wanted to charge it in the car wore down the cable, and I was constantly replacing cables. This cup holder model solved that problem. Also, my USB connections are usually connected to music flash drives, so being powered by the cigarette lighter socket frees up the USB sockets.

  • Rose Barrett
    12 Jul 2020

    I can’t depict how thankful I am! I consistently consider the reviews before dealing with products online, and this one keeps gaining such great reviews I couldn-t take a pass. It-s remarkably admirable, the picture doesn-t do it justice. I-ve got a lot of homage for it. It is unbelievably faultlessly made and remarkably worth the minimum price I paid for it. alternately stated, it is a first-rate product.

  • Amy Ross
    11 Jul 2020

    Works great fits my cup holder perfectly. The only thing is my Galaxy S7 Edge in its case the lock button can git pinned against the side. This doesn’t happen with my wife’s Pixel 3 with a case. So I believe when I move on to a phone that doesn’t have an audio jack I will not have the problem. It doesn’t cause me great problems as really it just can keep the screen on, but is a little annoying…

  • William Contreras
    7 Jul 2020

    Actually bought this for my wife and she loves it, her phone case is just the right size to slide in without feeling jammed in and it is convenient to be able to charge the AirPods at the same time. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a cup-shaped charger.

  • Andrea Lee
    23 Mar 2020

    I received the order today. very fast shipment. I am very pleased with the item. Just what I was hoping for. The quality, fit, and appearance is Excellent! I will refer this to all my friends and family. I must say this is the first time I got what I really ordered. without having to settle with what I get. I am very picky with my F150 and am proud to add this to my ride. only thing is, can’t see it when I close the lid. Thank You for the stress-free order.

  • Ann Marshall
    4 Mar 2020

    Such a low priced smart cup charger is truly a bargain. Thanks to the seller!

  • Peter Cox
    3 Mar 2020

    Works perfectly. Fits perfectly in my 2018 Forester cup holder and charges my iPhone 8 in an otter box symmetry case just fine. My buddies caseless 8 plus fits too, but I don’t think he would fit with any kind of case. This product is perfect for me as I have wireless CarPlay in my car. And this got rid of my last loose wire.

  • Debra Davis
    27 Feb 2020

    so this was a gift purchase for the wife and she loves it! The perfect solution for the charging situation. Fast charging and phone slip in and out with ease. She didn’t want something stuck to the windshield and this worked perfectly.

  • Amanda Anderson
    21 Feb 2020

    This product is quite useful. It fits nicely in the cup holder and looks cool. The wireless charging works steady and it`s incredibly fast!

  • Thomas Smith
    17 Feb 2020

    Works great. Perfect fit for a cup holder. Love the no wires issue normally associated with car chargers.

  • Jerry Perkins
    11 Feb 2020

    Excellent. I can keep all my devices charged now! and it fit my car nice

  • Frank Thompson
    27 Jan 2020

    I was worried about the safety of free delivery, but the charger cup arrived in really excellent condition and on time. Thanks a lot!

  • Sean Hawkins
    23 Jan 2020

    Wow this is a really perfect charger! It looks beautiful and the material is practical, sturdy plastic. It’s really convenient, now I don’t carry a bunch of exercises with me

  • Virginia Lynch
    22 Jan 2020

    It works great with Samsung Note 10, Iphone X and Sony XZ2, just like the description. Extremely fast shipping to Colombia, 12 days.

  • Kathryn Henry
    22 Jan 2020

    Great thank you!

  • Madison Perry
    20 Jan 2020

    Very cool thing, finally you do not need to look for a place where to put the phone, crust fire, very satisfied

  • Brian Green
    20 Jan 2020

    Thank you very much, received intact! Everything is perfect, satisfied at 100%!

  • Ethan Fernandez
    15 Jan 2020

    Product good quality opel astra j cup holder in part for slightly wide. Material good quality, reliable or not, the product can quickly reached.

  • Sandra McCoy
    4 Jan 2020

    Simply Amazing!

  • Harold Rios
    1 Jan 2020

    Perfect and very functional

  • Carl Fisher
    1 Jan 2020

    I wish the opening was a bit bigger, or add a red light, so you can see it in the dark. Otherwise, it’s awesome!

  • Joan Wallace
    1 Jan 2020

    Wireless charging works perfectly. The design works perfectly. Also, power my Alexa auto with it (via USB charge cable). My only wish is that it did not have a proprietary cable connecting to the outlet, but not a big deal.

  • Diane Harrison
    30 Dec 2019

    After trying several chargers that did not function correctly, and a good bit of reading, we found this charger that worked perfectly. Very secure where some of the others we tried would not secure the phone that well. So far very happy with this one. But I thought they would deliver it the same day.

  • Zachary Spencer
    28 Dec 2019

    Nice quality but it might be cheaper.

  • Sara Myers
    20 Dec 2019

    All right arrived fast!

  • Olivia Beck
    20 Dec 2019

    I just received and I like it! so advise to all

  • Joshua Rogers
    12 Dec 2019

    The shipping was very fast, 9 days! Thank you

  • Harold Johnston
    21 Mar 2019

    Been looking for one of these for a quite amount of time already. The previous one I had is a claw one which requires me to wait for it to open and then close. This one I can just pop my phone and get going. This removes any fuss with cable and cords so that’s a nice setup. A bit pricey but totally worth it for the convenience.

  • Olivia Douglas
    4 Mar 2019

    What a cool gadget to have in your car! Easy to install, just plug in the light adapter into your car and drop your phone into the charger and bam… charging. Very nice looking. If you have small cup holders then you can add the smaller bottom adapter and it will fit snug.

  • Debra Kennedy
    2 Jan 2019

    It works perfectly but please make a white or beige charger. The black one doesn’t suit my car’s interior.


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